Has an injury caused you to become addicted to opiates? One of the main causes of opiate addiction is abuse of prescription pain medication when you are sick. You end up taking too much of the drug and this helps to fuel an addiction to it. You might not even think you’re becoming addicted to the drugs because it’s a gradual process. After you heal from your injury or sick ness you find that you can’t get off the opiates you have been taking and just want more of them.

What Are Opiates?

A doctor may prescribe specific pain medication when you have had a serious injury or sickness to reduce your discomfort level. These drugs work well for pain when they are used properly. The main problem with them is that they can become addictive if you don’t use them in the way they are prescribed. You may have a problem with opiates if you:
• Obsess over medications or think you need them even when you’re well again
• Your irritable or angry and think you need more opiates to treat your condition
• You’re preoccupied with getting drugs and not so much with getting well
• You claim to be sick even when you know you are well to get more drugs
• You lie about how much opiates you have been taking to other people and you hide your drugs
• You injure yourself in some way so the doctor gives you more pain medications
These drugs aren’t like regular pills you take at home for pain they are very potent drugs for relieving pain and there can be consequence if you take them all the time.

This is one of the opiate drugs that are commonly abused by people. You can only get this with a prescription but there’s a huge black market for the drug and it’s one that causes a lot of problems due to the highly addictive nature of this drug. This drug is very hard to stop once you are addicted to it and treatment is usually required.



Another drug that is commonly abused is Vicodin. This drug is prescribed all the time for pain but it’s quite addictive. The opiates and the high dose of acetaminophen in this drug are hard on the liver.
There are other opiate drugs that are abused as well and this type of addiction is very common. Addiction to opiates usually requires some type of treatment option as these drugs are difficult to stop on your own. Many people get addicted through no fault of their own because they think they are treating their injury in the best way. Once the injury has healed they find it difficult to stop taking the opiate drugs and some get addicted. Others can use these drugs without any problems and never abuse them at all while others get addicted to them and require treatment.
If you use opiates for any type of pain you must be very careful with them and talk to your doctor about any potential problems you may encounter.