In our society we view some drugs are more acceptable as others. It is often the social circle that you are in as to whether the drug is more accepted than others. All drugs that we take can have serious side effects and over time harm our body the more we use them. Here’s how society views various drugs.


One of the most widely accepted drugs is alcohol. Alcohol is seen as a socially accepted drug and it’s used by a wide number of people. Small amounts of alcohol such as red wine, the occasional beer or other alcoholic beverage are fine but abuse of alcohol has severe side effects for the body. The main problem with alcohol is it’s pushed unto young people and many begin their problems with alcohol at a young age. In the social circles of young people, alcohol is used in excess and it’s widely accepted to “get drunk until you pass out.”

Of all the banned drugs in our society marijuana is seen as the more socially acceptable drug. Next to alcohol it’s the most widely consumed drug by young people. In recent years there has been more tolerance towards this drug and a big push to have it legalized. While Marijuana isn’t as bad for you as some drugs it does have some side effects such as distorted perception, learning problems, memory problems, sleepiness, increased appetite, cough, lack of motivation, and nasal congestion. Many young people experiment with this drug due to peer pressure and while most never abuse it there are some that do and use of this drug can lead to the use of harder drugs such as cocaine and heroin.


Cocaine and Heroin

Of all the drugs, cocaine and heroin are perhaps the most dangerous and the least socially acceptable drugs. The use of cocaine and heroin often leads to crime or other major problems in a person life because these drugs are so expensive that the habit forces one to turn to crime to fuel the habit. In social circles where there’s a lot of money, cocaine is often an accepted drug to use. For the most part these two drugs aren’t accepted by people in society due to their risks to health.
Synthetic Drugs

There are many drugs that are made synthetically such as ecstasy which are used by young people. These drugs are often part of the party lifestyle and are used in clubs and other locations. These drugs are accepted by a wide number of young people but are extremely dangerous due to the ingredients used to make these drugs.

Drugs shouldn’t be Socially Acceptable

Drug use is a big problem in the country and we can’t accept some drugs as being acceptable over others. While small amounts of alcohol are fine most other drugs have no value to our bodies at all. Some Marijuana has been shown to reduce pain and can be use medically but other than that it’s a drug that leads to more problems than it solves. What is needed is more education on the dangers of drugs so they aren’t seen as socially acceptable by anyone.